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real name: ilich ramirez sanchez. son of an immigrant revolutionary. one of the greatest action men of the century. he succeeded in many tasks, from assassinating statesmen to infiltrating nasa laboratories. he gave it to the cia at every opportunity. he is currently 62 years old, imprisoned in france. my favorite activist.


vladimir ilyich ramirez sanchez. in the words of taner ay, desperado. it is famous for hitting the opec summit in vienna in 1975. he was also caught in the water in 94. it was delivered to france after various negotiations.


movies were made. in each film, it was a little more detached from the original. (bkz: bruce willis)'s last movie was beyond disgrace.


the man whose book about him i read like crazy five hundred times when i was a kid, and to whom i said "please, if i grow up to be a jackal, please". do i say so now? no. ah...