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jack black is an actor who has the ability to turn stones even for musicians whose profession is music. her songs that she sings with her wonderfully talented voice and wonderful different tones. there is also his famous screams, which you can hear very well in the song called master exploder. he has a four-album band called tenacious d.


the actor who immersed himself in the movie, giving up on himself while acting.. the man we love..


oh i love this man... he is the person who participated in the lebowski fest held in los angeles between 22-23 march 2013 and put on a show. a well-liked man. you are my eye black.


it's my man.


they had a great time with sarah michelle gellar at the mtv 2002 movie awards. lotr and spiderman parodies. lotr parody: http://youtu.be/wfgmgswd3wy spiderman parody: http://youtu.be/2lhemrdvkou see also: http://youtu.be/6autz9sxvsw


screwed me up today. he is a sweet person who examines guitar pedals on video site under the pseudonym gearmanndude, also promotes his own boutique guitar pedals, but does not spare his absurd style and tone of voice. here


apart from his acting career, he is a person who stands out with his voice and funny personality. along with kyle gass, they also have a successful comedy-rock band called tenacious d. it is possible to understand that he does not take his job seriously, from the emphasis on "tenacious dis is the best" in his programs or songs.


if fans haven't seen the performance at bernie yet, they should take a look at it. successful character actor. (see #53443947)