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spanish epic music composer and producer, who produced an epic production called "the power of will" that shatters the works of thomas bergersen. video site/watch?v=v3zkclufrys later edit: he did something even more awesome. here you go "afterlife": video site/watch?v=zuzlszmu2ly


it is one of the most important examples of the development of industrial classical music. the most father song is human lagacy. to give a few examples; xtortion audio 8dawn


before i leave this world is definitely the person who composed this piece with the aim of nailing people to bed during the winter months. when you listen to all the pieces one after the other and get up, you are no longer the old you. disclaimer: do not try at home alone.


they would be an epic music master i just discovered.human legacy is worth listening to.


he is an epic music master who used vocals from the song "high high hills" in his piece called "forbidden love". video site/watch?v=bcvl3wtkage


the composer who impressed me with his immortalys album and whose music i feel in my soul.


the man composes epic soundtrack just the way i like


if nothing will happen to me, i came to the title by saying "i think i'm a new torrent tracker".. now i'm listening to the examples given above, it's good for a closed saturday morning.. it's customary, (see kid on a walk)