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it is such a sweet, so cool, such a cute language that you name the 4-door car you produce for a huge company, "4-door", it still looks sexy. (see: maserati quattroporte)


don't think anyone would say no if this spanish, italian, french and portuguese are united.. no the words are more or less the same, the patterns are the same.. what a persistence friend.. long live the roman empire, long live the mediterranean latins.. you can't unite german with english.. thank you._x000


if it ends with o, it's a male name. if it ends with a, it's a female name. eg federico and federica...paolo and paola...


it is a language that i have just started to learn and it is really easy. i like that you can ask and answer questions with one word. see: -studi? (are you reading?) -si,studio. (yes, i'm reading) i just realized it's the same in the.


i can give you a great resource for beginners. there are stories here and there for the intermediates. there are e-books on this site for advanced learners. definition: a language of latin origin that is instantly forgotten when you do not speak, but you can automatically connect when you start a conversation. debe edit: grazie mille a tutti.


it is a language that we could not learn anything from the phono practical italian book, "sono turko" and "sono muselmano", which is used by interrail enthusiasts, and that we could never use this information in its homeland. - caprici hostelo magri? -sono turko -errolo markus aorelius?? -sono muselmano -politzia... politzia....