isotonic water

isotonic water

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in a world inhabited by billions of people, squeezing water was invented to hunt idiot mothers who swell as if their only reproductive ability.


are you going to apply ironing water to your baby? are you going to apply heating water to your baby? are you going to apply battery water to your baby? said mint, which the company included in our lives. *


they are pooping again something


brand new scam. we used it as a medium so that the structure of the cell would not be disturbed while we were putting the sample between the lamella in the microbiology laboratory. if you are not going to use it as a serum or make nose drops, it will not be of any use to the baby as much as the hand. the baby's skin is irritated by that rag that you apply more than water. the diaper is a separate irritant anyway.


saline is what we know. it does not create an acidic or basic effect in the body, it is the most compatible water with the ph balance of the skin. therefore, it is known as the safest water for the human body. (see: physiological saline)


they used salt water after tearing it off as battery water, ironing water. the sons of the uncle mixed salt with pure water, great invention.


let your isotonic water sink. these days, they buried this ad at the beginning of each song. i don't want to curse the baby but you are pushing


due to its antimicrobial effect, it is used for cleaning the nose and eyes of babies or cleaning open wounds. these eyes also witnessed its use as a lens solution.