isn't it romantic

isn't it romantic

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it is a movie that i stumbled upon while looking for a partially empty movie that i will linger on until i am sleepy, not very long and not thinking about it. i didn't have any serious expectations from the movie (not counting the expectation of my ultimate crush chris hemsworth's brother, who looks very similar to him, of course) and i really enjoyed watching it. it neither put me to sleep nor kept me awake. ah, clichés and such, okay, but those who don't want to see cliches don't open and watch romantic comedy anyway.


a movie that succumbs to the clichés it mocks, but has a good time. it's nice as a reminder that sometimes conditions have to change in order to appreciate some things. the body-affirmation part is a bit dubious because, as other writers have mentioned, it's loved not because of it, but for the way it is, and it says that you can be loved "even if you're tombikto". that is, it actually marginalizes this situation, albeit unintentionally. (marginalizing the vat fakiz?) anyway, watch it without too much hassle. it's nice to see that at least something has changed.


a movie that may upset those who expect a 7th masterpiece of art, but meets the expectations as a quiet evening at home, lying on the sofa and eating fruit. the music is nice too.


it's a crispy good-time pastime that smothers romantic clichés but makes fun of them while suffocating them. also yes i laughed in some places..there are funny places. --- spoiler --- "love yourself" given at the end of the movie. i also like your message. because this is a mistake we all make, trying to love others before we love ourselves..yes, no, we will love ourselves first. --- spoilers ---


without thinking, sir. romantic comedies should not be interpreted too much. watch for fun to laugh. let it be over. i watched with pleasure mis.


an absurd and entertaining romantic comedy that makes fun of romantic comedy clichés. rebel wilson, the head of the body-affirmation movement, plays the lead role of funny woman who pushes every movie she plays up with her energy. it is recommended not to watch those who find beauty in clichés.