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the man who plays the tie like a fender stratocaster...


this person, originally from adana but living in germany, is a master who creates an extra octave by attaching four rows of strings to the baglama and runs in these octaves, and his jogging speed is generally around the speed of sound. those who listen to the song "you're sirinsin" or the part of "muslim gürses" that we saw from the father will understand very well what i mean.


although his name is mentioned with baglama, his music has now begun to interpret works with atonal music that has already crossed the boundaries of the folk music. listening to albums or recordings one after the other without stopping can lead to a perception disorder in people, it should be strictly avoided. although its performance in four-string electro-tying is remarkable, i personally think that its performance in acoustic coupling cannot even surpass the harsh mediterranean.


the man who has a very atypical ability to play the baglama, plays the baglama quickly and beautifully.


he is so passionate about tying, that those who ask about his marital status; says i'm married to the baglama..


arguably one of the fastest baglama performers in the world.


baglama version of malmsteen. the musician that i saw the cassette cover and laughed and said "hiimmm" when i heard it.


our master, who encourages those sitting behind him to drink alcohol while he is playing, and whom we call good luck. video site/watch?v=n-pd61zjnie