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ishtar gate

The door was completely destroyed because it was made of mud brick, it is a reproduction seen in the Pergamon Museum. Miletus market place gate and Pergamon altar that can be seen in the rest of the museum are actually stolen. Sculptures, ceramics, etc. were also carried out as promotions. The main reason why the number of stolen artifacts in the pergamon museum is limited to these is that the flag waving is the british museum, which is at the forefront of smuggling things from here and there.


ishtar gate

The gate of Babylon, famous for its hanging gardens, the seven wonders of the world. The original of the door was moved to Berlin as a typical example of looting. "Ishtar Gate" representing the wealth and splendor of the city...


ishtar gate

There are some imaginary animal figures in the reproduction exhibited in the Pergamon Museum and naturally in the original remains. For those who are curious, the most interesting of them is; It is a dragon moustache with the head of a snake, the forelegs of a lion and the hind legs of an eagle. this interesting animal is the animal of god marduk and is always drawn next to marduk.

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