Is it a machine or a machine?

Is it a machine or a machine?

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think it is best solved like this: machine: palm-held ones and smaller ones. machine: small enough to fit in the palm of the hand but heavy enough for a person to lift (less than 20 kilos) machine: 20 kilos or more but less than a ton makino: 1 ton or more. machine or machine


it doesn't matter for the mechanic.


the correct one is yokamina.




type makinæ and the event is taken care of from root.


it caused me to argue with the teacher in the class and finally, my son, i looked at the spelling guide of 2003, but he tried to suppress it with the lie, "well, teacher, change the text in the front of the chapter then", despite the answer "what does it matter to you, you won't be able to finish it anyway"? it led me to polemic.


at the university i was in, the name of engineering was machine and the name of the department was machine. it was reflected in student ids as a machine. here is the result. you can be a mechanical engineer individually, but if there are 5 mechanical engineers in the same environment, you are now a mechanical engineer.


it is a problem that has been going on for years because the right place is not looked for the answer. what did the artist say to the resident lelele, why did you go to the wedding, come to the wedding, let's fight together and see if the machine ever calms down - does the machine sleep? don't argue in vain machine o.