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mind, illogical..


out of proportion? means.


this is a must-read book that can make you reconsider your perspective on life. it gets very heavy to read towards the end. there will be paragraphs that you will underline and read again.


(see: irrational numbers)


it is a book that i find very useful for every engineer to read. "don't ask me what's rational and what's irrational, don't object to my book, we all know it, right?" i understood something like from the introductory article. but the section on irrational institutions is noteworthy. i also couldn't help but think of those people who took part in the tests mentioned. how did they get played by the "collaborative subject" ...


(see: irrationality) is an entertaining and interesting book by psychology professor stuart sutherland, in which he seeks answers to the topics of rational thinking, what is rational and what is not, and how things affect the mental processes we carry out while deciding this, with examples of psychological experiments. published in the country with the name of irrational.


while reading the book, you start to look at yourself and your surroundings like a test rabbit. what a mess yale university. in order to reach psychological results, they conduct such experiments that since some of the subjects cooperate with them, no subject realizes that they are being watched on a subject other than the main subject. as a result, a bedside book to better understand how our brain makes irrational decisions in some situations and irrational behaviors.


the author is stuart sutherland.

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