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it is a phone that some friends claim that the brand that has been making full hd screen phones since iphone 6s plus will not release full hd. also, i'd appreciate it if someone could explain to me what can be done with a resolution of 1237123712x23094820934 on a 5.5 inch screen (other than wasting the battery for nothing). note: since iphone 6 plus full hd (thx to @kazasker)


it is the phone that the sherlocks, who write about the rumors written about in macrumors as if they are top secret information, eagerly awaited. here's top secret information but top secret no one knows but me: https://www.macrumors.com/roundup/iphone-8/


the phone i bought 10 days ago, one of which i had stolen. when i think about it, my heart breaks. no, i'm not the type to change phones head-to-head. i was promoted from 5s. let the one who stole the stove dry up.


there is a 500 lira difference with the iphone 7, why should i buy a 7? you are the property.


the phone, which is an advertisement material by people who think it is funny, and whose video site channel is asked to make a premium.


another iphone presentation, the same jokes, the same criticism, the same praise. .. 1. if apple released the same iphone 7 as the iphone 8, there would be people who would say "brother ayfon yha". the frugal people who say that a second phone cannot be paid that much. 3. the over-expecting people who just put this on the old model and say 'pöh'. 4. humorists trying to make jokes like "i sold my kidney", "hey, you can buy a car for that money". 5. anti appleci who came to praise android. 6. only android users who are curious about the phone's feature and respect every opinion.