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to say "it didn't work" on this phone, you first have to do a simple google search. of course, if the purpose is not to provide information, that is another. it's a very good phone.


really interesting. i've been using the iphone se since its release (2016) and the phone was launched for $399. i bought it for 1800 tl. now it's 2020, i'm looking at it again, iphone se 2 was introduced and they cost $399 again. the country sale is exactly 5299 liras. really interesting.


showed that the real dollar rate is 13.2.


i used a 5.5 inch android phone for a while after iphone 4. then i bought this amazing phone. after using it enough, my opinion is this: this phone is not small; other phones are large.


this is the model i bought one just today. same 5s. but it is interesting that it also says 5s on the box. they couldn't produce the box because it was new, but since the case is the same, they put it up for sale with the 5s box, which would fit easily. that's what the mobile brother in laleli from whom i bought the phone said.