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"there are moments in life when two values come into conflict. it makes people hesitate, but because life doesn't stop, a choice has to be made. that's what tragedy looks like." said scientist.


while those who think he is the remain silent against those who ignorantly insult the, he is a very beautiful person who bravely defends it. what did he put in your discrimination in your primitive minds! living with this shame is the biggest punishment for you.


just a little while ago, while he was interviewing on the program "you have the word", he suddenly threw the word into his mouth and switched to another broadcast called "last minute". after a moment of anxious waiting, he gave a section of the prime minister's speech in antalya to see if there was a very important development in this tense environment; turns out, i said that the teachers' speech is your daily politics, he said, they cut it for his politics. they shamed the teacher very much; to us listeners too.


he was elected as the chairman of the international federation of philosophical organizations at the 20th world philosophy congress held in boston in 1998, succeeded in holding the first philosophy congress of the 21st century in istanbul, the country, won many international awards, including the goethe medal, and was also the head of the the philosophy institution. and respected academician, veteran...


“the only thing that gives us clues in getting to know a person is what he does, his intertwined valuations and evaluations, his actual actions.” he thinks. i couldn't decide whether i should be proud or not being able to explain my problem briefly when i read from the pen of ioanna what i tried to explain by writing a truckload here (see: what best describes a person/@istnc).


the perfect woman i went to prison for. the event is as follows; i participated in the painting and caricature contest on human rights from prison with works that would eventually be deemed worthy of first and third places, but i was released after a while. a week after he was released, he sent me a message saying "i will give his award in prison". i accepted it as helpless, went to prison as a guest, and took the prize from him "inside". and again... "perfect woman"