Investigation of teacher who smokes in online class

Investigation of teacher who smokes in online class

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if he warns the teacher there, the subject will be closed, but they go to the police to complain. we don't have any settings.


everyone should do their job properly. would you like to see a teacher smoking while lecturing in front of a secondary school child (your own child or not)? nobody wants. plus if the name of a manager is virtuous; it takes root, i'd say. * edit:ek


not smoking, but drinking it during the lesson is a big problem. your responsibility as a teacher is clear. you teach your lesson well and you're done. if he had some respect for the teaching profession, he wouldn't have acted so irresponsibly during the lesson.


if this situation seems normal to a teacher, it would be in everyone's best interest to be removed from teaching as much as possible. the fact that the head, who sees eating and smoking as the same, is in a position to open a headline is another matter of discussion.


don't talk about death or the doctor or the teacher who smokes. drinking in front of the wrong screen here. we can say that the reason is encouragement and abuse of duty. just as the police cannot drink alcohol, the teacher cannot use alcohol and tobacco products during the lesson.


he is a busy teacher. the lesson is already 30 minutes. don't drink.


it is the investigation that i fend off by wearing shorts under the shirt.


dismiss the teacher who smokes in the classroom, especially in front of the students. a person who treats himself, his student and his profession with such disrespect should not teach. teachers who do their job properly pay the penalty for these types' reckless stupid behaviors.