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one of the objects that dark melancholy collects***...


esteemed master, great theologian, very valuable human zechariah declared that using a white inverted cross is abominable according to our religion, that there is no such symbol in islam, and that our faithful satanists should use an inverted crescent. please let's not shake it unknowingly.


(see sertaç) (see mirac)


one of the great dilemmas in front of the satanism is this inverted cross. it is good, beautiful, anti-cray, but it does not reflect our customs, our culture, this symbol does not belong to this land. whereas anatolian satanism is a mosaic of cultures that is thousands of years old; it has all kinds of icons and rituals unique to anatolia. but no, we will definitely take the european as an example. this is not civilization, this is not westernization.


it is a type of worship that those who return from the religion of islam with ridda secretly practice every year. the pilgrimage, which started from the kaaba, now ends in a european city like paris or venice, or else in a charming town in the far east. a person who goes on pilgrimage with the equipment of a believer is called a pilgrim; it is known that those who make the reverse pilgrimage are called cute, coco or booby.


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black sabbath's legendary guitarist decorates the frets of tony iommi's guitar...


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