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yav come on, what the hell it is, it's something i can't really understand that chp should be a deputy of diyarbakir but an istanbul deputy. even if you are not a friend, chp will get a deputy from istanbul; what did you gain for chp in diyarbakir?


how fishy are these folks. the man has even the code given by the usa in the wikileaks documents, what the oppressed dingil.


dude, am i the only one seeing the bullshit in that photo? you are searching for bombs, but there are hundreds of civilians around. what if there was a bomb and it exploded? and what kind of intelligence does he photograph and publish such nonsense? it is necessary to put our security guards to an intelligence test.


he is a human rights defender and a deputy and lawyer elected by the people's vote, who knows the difference of the state from a gang or an armed illegal organization and makes the necessary explanations on this issue. torture is a crime against humanity, no matter who it is done, extrajudicial executions cannot be ignored. it is quite normal that the wretched people who have accumulated their culture by watching the valley of the wolves do not like it.


the chp vice chairman, who had an operation to reconcile the chp with the kurds. for example, in his hometown of diyarbakir, the chp increased its votes by 10%, from 2.01% to 2.34%. if he wasn't dealt with, he would have increased this rate to 2.60-2.70 or even 2.80.


it is the number one indicator of how kemalists were eliminated after baikal and how terrorist sympathizers who look like kemalists were replaced.

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