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it is the work that most deserves to be written my ass at the end. even kassan is quite a literary work..*


the notebook, which is never and never controlled by the teachers, so that no one's soul will hear even if you tell about the match, but because of the fear of not finishing school while studying at the university, the fear of explosion in the hands of the internship, the fear of ass, etc., everyone carefully fills in the notebook.


(see: i made it up out of my heart, how was the teacher)


the notebook in which i mentioned progressive metal or something in a few places so that the pages would be filled. still approved. you don't read, what are you tired of man.


unfilled merch. i'm shaking, i'm shaking, i've been trying for 5 hours as of now, but i could only come up to the 7th day. no, we went and hung out at the factory, but we didn't do anything either... now, in this notebook, 'i beat the production engineer at backgammon', 'i played solitaire all day. i'm so bored that mnskm cannot be written...


if it is your first internship and there is no person related to the interns in the workplace where you did your internship, i wonder if you have a number of people sign it, will it be accepted now? i wonder what i will write in it, the disgusting notebook that you said into it and makes you hesitant and stressed (see: formality)


difficult to fill in, fun to read. there was a trainee kid who filled it out like the diary you know (see dear internship notebook). we used to read and read the whole office and lay down on the floor. "today was a very gloomy day. but we still laughed sometimes. ms. ayşegül told me the profile details that i had to draw. then i drew it, but gamze hanım said, "it didn't work, you should draw it like this." we reviewed the drawings with mr. zafer in the evening and identified the deficiencies. tomorrow i will draw better."