intel hd graphics 4000

intel hd graphics 4000

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integrated graphics processor. in the country, it is used as a money trap by showing its memory. especially when buying a laptop, you should be careful because the laptop with an i7 processor that you bought for 2000 liras can be left in your hands because of this card.


the sikimsonic graphics processor that hp has attached to its latest 3500-4000 tl -so-called-high end notebooks. stay away.


internal gpu which is satisfying only when watching full hd movies or something. even if the processor is i7, the ram is 16 gb, it is a card that is insufficient for playing games because the graphics look at the video card.


intel hd graphics 4000 and nvidia gt635m, including dual image processor ultrabook, by default when intel hd4000 is selected, the power usage time is 6 hours, while when nvidia is selected, it drops to 2 hours. the only advantage is that it burns less. graphics performance is mediocre. i think it was designed with the logic of not running out of battery with intel when i'm out and playing games with my other graphics processor when i'm at home. may not have been considered.


it has surprisingly good performance. it saves the day in many games.


it's not a card.


in the first days of 2015, the gpu, which showed us that there are still memory-facing types on video cards, why? because my mina code does not have nvidia gt740m kexti for hackinto and you have to manage with hd 4000 graphics processor.


the infamous gpu that shows us that there are still memory-facing types in graphics cards as we are ending 2013. even intel's r and d department does not defend this mint, you are still talking about the future. al hd graphics 4000;…ics-4000.69168.0.html