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he is a cardiovascular surgeon. "hello, i'm insin sweet graveci, i'm a cardiovascular surgeon doctor." human reaction: hmm mashallah. how beautiful. how sane he looks. it is a very prestigious profession. very important location. what is such a high-ranking person doing here, gosh... his diction is also good. god is what god is not. "and my whore mary." human reaction: ^¿ and _+%/=?*!!!


dr xxx yyy: i believe in god. çomar: congratulations dr esin graveci: my wife is messiah mahdi. somar: auvvv! he's crazy, get his diploma. (bkz: hypocrite person)


i thought he was from indonesia when i saw him at the wedding.


if you look at the surname of the gravedigger he took after his holy marriage with our lord the messiah, we can put ourselves into his blindfolded hands, a specialist in cardiovascular surgery. painlessly and without you.


according to the above entries, he is a person who must undergo a psychiatric examination in order to continue his profession. i think the above statements are correct, in order to be examined, of course, all physicians who believe in any metaphysical entity should undergo such an examination in accordance with the same point of view.


well, sare looks more scientific than davutoğlu.


person may worship cream cheese if he wants, but a person who can believe that his wife is the messiah and that he is the virgin mary, who lives this way jokingly and is concerned with people's health at first hand, needs to undergo psychological control. because someone diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia should not have open heart surgery. as an extreme example; although not so far, what does a person who has come to hallucinate as an antichrist or devil or something against the messiah do with the patient's aorta? or how does he plan his drug treatment? (bkz: whoever did this also did this)


in my eyes, he is as normal a person as my so-called conservative colleagues, who do not even want to take a radical, male genital system anatomy course. this does not mean that i see ms. esin as healthy, but there is a serious percentage in the society that i do not see healthy and these are the people we see on the street every day.