insect killing techniques

insect killing techniques

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abiiiiiii come on!


the closest person in the vicinity is called. after an insect is declared to be seen and its location is shown, the room is quickly left.


it is caught and put in a glass and covered, if you have patience and are that sadistic, it is expected to die of suffocation.


(see: two-dimensional farewell to the three-dimensional world)


babbaaaaaaaaaa bugeeekk! after the father is called, the insect is shown. after the father picks up the insect with a napkin and throws it out, he screams, "oh, daddy, throw it out quick, it's disgusting".


subcontract (see cat)


am explaining what a friend of mine did as an example: 1-the insect is put in a syringe, the stopper is put on, but not all the way to the root of the animal, as if it will crush the animal, right up to the bottom of the animal. 2-the hole at the tip of the syringe is clogged with a finger. 3-when this is the case, the stopper of the syringe is pulled out at once. 4-the air pressure in the syringe suddenly drops insanely. 5-the bug explodes(see: take a bite).


say my name three times, i'll come and eat.

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