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industry 5.0

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the main difference between industry 4.0 and industry 5.0 is that 4.0 foresees completely unmanned production, while industry 5.0, based on the basic assumption that production will be inefficient without human creativity, collaborative robots technology emerges.


(see industry 5.0)


now i understand why our country, which has not yet fully understood 4.0, does not pay much attention to these issues. turns out we were waiting for 5.0. if 4.5 was out, we would have digested it already, but whatever.


hi robot wars (see im robot) unemployed will go and i think robot will break. by the way, it was 4.0 but 5.0 remained


while the adaptation of the world's leading industry 4.0 country, germany, will enter its mature period in 2025, it is a title that makes you wonder what it was in industry 5.0. document prepared by the european parliament for a better understanding of industry 4.0 and its foreseen


(see: the country that switched to 4.5g instead of 4g)


(bkz: you are so funny omg) if our sickness of knowing every shit and commenting on everything ends, we will reach outer space as a country, but where...


research says that it is stuck between 2.0 and 3.0 in tr, this is a great opportunity in a way, and it can be considered as a backwardness in a way, iot seems to play a very important role at this stage.

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