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saying that they will ship in 2 business days, but not doing it; when you send a message to the customer relations on the fourth day, there is a problem with the supplier company, we work 24 hours a day, etc. etc. a virtual shopping site that says that your cargo will be delivered today, but does not do so, and when a question is asked again the next day, it copy-pastes the same answer as the previous day, and should not be preferred.


chinese-made site that has sent products that have nothing to do with the order i placed.


site that sells crappy chinese goods.


(see: we are


the sentence "i want it too" written on the buttons is also written separately. i don't know if there was such a thing on the previous site, but it's an amateurish mistake. another example is (see #29492990)


shopping site with great customer service has polite employees who call right away if there is a problem with the order, inform you and apologize 50 times, do their job properly, i hope it stays that way.


site that sends spam every day. i wanted to buy one of the products he sent by daily mail, i tried to login from my incoming address.. i can't, then i said i forgot my password, he said this e-mail address is not registered... what do you mean, they found my mail from somewhere, they are sending spam all the time.


the customer satisfaction rating will not even be -11 out of 10. don't be fooled by the phrase "it will be shipped within 2 days", keep this in mind when you open the inbox! the products are attractive and the price seems reasonable, but the quality??? don't want that quality for that price!

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