in the moonlight

in the moonlight

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the song that suddenly tops the playlist you have prepared. you can't afford to listen to anyone else. first you turn off the light. then you open the curtain and look at the moon. only cigarette smoke remains between you and the moonlight. in fact, it is the fire that burns slowly and is about to go out somewhere within you. but it never goes out. even a tiny ember always winks at you from that ash heap. it is that ember that actually hurts you. well done nermina memedova this darkness is so good well done god


an azerbaijani song. i saw you, i fell in love, i gave my heart, i fell in love quickly, we broke up right away in the moonlight, if not in the moonlight, the longing will smile, the conversation come to us again in the moonlight, stop face to face, face to face in the moonlight


while singing this song, nermine memmedova cries between 02.08 and 02.30. and throughout the song, his hands are always clasped in front of him. when you say "come to us again / stop face to face", what else can a person do? http://video site/watch?v=u0jf_lwfqhu


(see: nermine memmedova) interpretation is unique. i think the most sincere feelings i have ever felt have been expressed in this work. how sincere, how sincere, all he wants is to be able to meet face to face one more time: in the moonlight... i have no idea how many million times i've listened to it. my eyes fill with tears every time i listen to it for the first time.


azeri folk song with one of the saddest melodies i've ever heard. when i listen to it several times in a row, my joy for life is withdrawn, i break away from life. another impressive sound than nermine memedova's voice. what a thing to be apart from, it has caused someone in the world to suffer enough to find this tone. close your eyes in the parts where he sighs aaaah and feel the sadness in the song with him. also, what a beautiful, heartfelt wish it is. "come to us again, stop face to face, in the moonlight.. in the moonlight.."


it was a song that i liked very much with the interpretation of nermine memedova. he breaks down when he says "stop bye" but ya.


they destroy all the sighs in my humble existence every time i listen to them. we know, we are not known, how many things we are and not so much.


i don't know if zohreh jooya or nermine memmedova went deeper.