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it is a word that has become a cliche of it has been and seems to be used there to mean "what you have seen so far is the best you can see in your next life". also; all vehicles sold are painted due to scratches. it has no tumble.


much used but still in good condition..


used as "maayer" (extend a) in second-hand shops. for example, the seller knocks on the side of the refrigerator's case and uses it in a sentence as "maayer brother, this is the property of years, neither broken nor trashed".


if you are going to buy a 70 and 80 model vehicle, for example, be used to seeing this term often, such as anadol, hawk, broadway, sparrow, but it is a term used only for 70 and 80 model vehicles, do not look for this term in 95 and above cars. to use it in a sentence; it is a special tool that you will really admire when you see it's unique in cleaning.


in fact, it is a word that means no good will come from it. for example, "this tool is 30 years old, but it's a dream" ie "this tool is 30 years old but still no good, it has no faults, it works"


it is a lyrical makam that starts with a treble la and decides on the dugah fret, and is similar to the ussak makam because it is used in si coma flat like the ussak makam. the best-known example is "cile bulbulum cile", the song of hafiz saadettin kaynak ustadin.


adjective sometimes attributed to the underappreciated. one day goodbye will be farewell so grab me while you still have the time