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ilm-i ledun

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.... the nightingale's cry is good-bye, don't let your reputation go to waste. .... (see: erenler cem) (see: troubled divani)


if we use the spiritual knowledge of the secrets of allah. ghayb knowledge in a sentence; "this is the sultan of ilm-i ledun" süleyman Çelebi


its full meaning is occult science. for a deeper meaning (see: marifetullah) to describe it with an analogy from western science (see: nothing is what it seems)


the type of science that talks about how things are in the sight of allah, how they work, and how the balance of life is adjusted by him.. i first encountered it in a phrase like this: "avengeance from the servant of the right will be taken by the usa again, the ilm-i leduni moment who does not know thinks that he was abdus"; god takes his revenge on his servant with the servant, and the person who does not have the knowledge of ledun thinks that the servant did it.


his nickname, ilm-i ledünni, is rusuhi irfan and memduh-i cihan hadret-i şerih. sheikh victorious


it is a kind of science that more people should be aware of. allah gives this knowledge to those who want it, not to those who want it. it cannot be reached by working and toiling like that.


the science of ledun is the science of the unseen. this knowledge is the knowledge revealed to a person's soul, eyes and ears. allah taught this science to the prophet muhammad, and the prophet muhammad himself taught it to hazrat ali.


knowledge that is said to have been known by hazrat hızır. so much so that even hazrat musa could not figure out the wisdom of what he did during his travels with him.

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