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http://haber.gazetevatan.com/haber/442428/1/gundem while the bankrupt financial institution that only smuggled the money from the public offering and the housing money they sold abroad, playing miserable depositors here, is inviolable under the protection of the government, how can the souls of thousands of people be on the other side? i'm very curious...


one of the tassakliest of the dividend distribution companies, which surprised me deeply by sinking.


it is a company whose shares i bought in the stock market years ago exploded in my hand. they claim to be believers. i wonder how they will explain the right to use. no, i don't care. they will tear there too, find a way.


a financial institution whose assets were not confiscated after its bankruptcy, unlike many bankrupt bank bosses... a few examples; (see: demirbank) - it was given to hsbc for three cents... (see: pamukbank) - so karamehmet's construction loan bank was lost... (see: esbank) - he has nothing except a few companies of zeytinoğlu (see zoning bank) - you know cem lay... (see: toprakbank) - many companies of halis toprak were transferred to tmsf...


according to fuatavni, rte transferred the resources of the public banks to the bankrupt ihlas and added the media of the ihlas group to the pool media, and the public funds made available to the ihlas group were not paid even a penny to those who were iklas victims. they continue to live happily.


those who claim that this institution was destroyed by the fetish should explain why İhlas holding was not touched while the assets of many people were confiscated after a frenzy of bankruptcy. of course, all depositors trying to withdraw money will be the reason for bankruptcy, but diluting the business does not help anyone. (bkz: feto sank the titanic) (bkz: fetö made the soma disaster)


the bankrupt financial institution that pays the money we haven't received for 12 years in 3 installments through a familiar manager by intermediaries, here is the truth of the country, your man, if you know, you take care of everything...