If you don't marry me, I will rape you and I will marry again

If you don't marry me, I will rape you and I will marry again

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everything told in the most recognizable style.


(bkz: i will harass you if you are not mine) you were laughing while saying nihat but.


while i was reading, boiling water came down my head, i'm crying. i'm crying for our situation. i'm crying because they made us this way. i'm reading trouble, i'm reading the worst curses i know to those who do these scumbags, to those who do not prevent them. i cry because i am a woman in this country.


the cool story however is not lacking in reality. 10 years ago, while i was studying in one of the good high schools in istanbul, my friend was seriously considering kidnapping the girl who rejected him.


in this geography, the stories of the women who were killed and forced into marriage with the man who raped them because they made love to the man they fled with are told and films are made.


the above-mentioned story may be fictitious. but unfortunately there is no such thing as a fairy tale to come true. may god keep our children away from such animals. (see: pedophilia)


this is a deeply affecting and shocking article, as we know very well that these stories took place in this country. we must not allow, we must prevent this disgusting middle east mess. time will tell how.


it is a story that is disgusting and not less likely to happen in the country. i don't know how it will be worse than this, but this is the middle east, everything is possible- it is happening in our country.

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