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movie that i watched in the evening and was very impressed. the biggest reason i'm impressed is of course jamie blackley and the amazing songs she sings. for some reason, chloë grace moretz was a bit repulsive to me in this movie, although i normally follow her with fondness. the movie is watched with a lover on a friday night. but the soundtrack was number ten, and it added many songs that i normally don't know to my life. love. (see smashing pumpkins) (see today)


it's a movie worth watching just for the music. above expectations. my points for you for smashing pumpkins 8.


- spoiler cowgirl everywhere, even in death, in monaco. --- spoilers ---


the 2nd trailer is also out here, i compare the actress in the movie to ezgi asaroğlu!


it's a pleasure to watch chloë grace moretz's increasingly beautiful acting. when the music was also very successful, a beautiful piece emerged. a movie that questions the concepts of family and love well.


it is a movie that should not be watched after saying goodbye to the family and getting on the plane. a thousand rounds of shit come to mind. an unnecessary weight weighs on people. it's not a movie with a lot of depth; it can even be called a high school movie for most. but the music is beautiful; the subject is sad. it goes like that. also, these guys have produced a good example of covers that are better than the original: video site/…v=q04mxgwe8fqandspfreload=10


chloe grace moretz you are such a beautiful thing. as i kissed with dallama, who was his girlfriend throughout the movie, i lost my heart. i liked the movie because the first is about the music, the second is the lead role, and the third is the dramatic structure is not bad for a movie like this. i think it has. watch.


subway goldwin mayer movie a friend said his name "let's watch a teen movie" so we waited for the yiffy thing. mia reminded us of vika* (symmetrical event according to musical style) and jacqueline du prey (exactly on-the-flying event) with the cling of "i'll play the cello" as a child born into the rock world, mia, right? --- spoiler --- beethoven has escaped into the young girl... --- spoiler ---