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idil biret - our pianist who went abroad by taking advantage of the law of wonderful children, also known as the law of blood to the sun.


the artist, whom zaman newspaper targeted with the statement "istanbul provincial directorate of culture remained a spectator to the disgrace about serving wine at the idyll biret jazz concert to be held today in the 1st courtyard of topkapi palace, where the ottoman armies were sent off to the front by reading hatim." they were also very surprised how they would attack.


(bkz: the artist) caught in the shallow nationalist rhetoric for their country <title>can get in our ass</title> people who have done more work than the dry crowd. instead of bragging about yourself, continue to be a toy to retarded provocations.


beethoven will be playing at the tekfen- yaşar kemal concert on november 30th. it will be exciting to meet him and share the same stage. i'm glad there is.

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