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he is currently speaking on the so-called journalist kubra parin program. there was not a single sentence that i did not swear while listening to the ignorant man. rte makes mean speeches and writes under his name as a researcher writer. i am really ashamed on their behalf, according to me, these so-called journalists are killing the country, not the government. they are not ashamed of their children for three or five privileges, arsizlar


ekrem imamoglu is an academic who claims that ekrem imamoglu coughed and texted in encrypted form with the moderator in the joint broadcast of binali yıldırım. look, i say academic. let this friend's poorness be noted in history.


the level of knowledge is not enough to talk even in the coffee shop, let alone talking on the live broadcast. with the way he sits and talks, he is more like a neighborhood bully than an academic.


i think he is one of the men of power. nuri bilge ceylan called himself "shallow" for the speech he gave at the award ceremony. i wonder what he thinks of himself.…rdas/status/470273375425007617 edit: he deleted his tweet, but now he tried to put a so-called word to nuri bilge ceylan by calling yilmaz guney from the country. hey go hey neither men nor friends from universities. i am surprised sometimes.…tus/470288076854796288/photo/1


i don't think it's even enough to be a supporter.


one of the dumbest guys i've ever heard in my life.


movie is out. (see mr nobody) .