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from what we said should not die.* for others; (see: christopher lee) (see: morgan freeman) (see: jack nicholson) (see: sener sen) (see: helen mirren)


the man is complete charisma. http://i.imgur.com/rhfeo.jpg


he is one of the best male actors of the 90s. he has acted in successful films such as apt pupil, gods and monsters, richard ii. he will soon appear in our cinemas with the role of magneto in the x-men movie.


the man i said "i would if i were a girl" before i found out he was gay. (bkz: be careful what you wish for)


after gandalf's charisma(hair and beard) went, his type became lousy but his actor and voice tone are still super..if he hasn't been awarded an oscar because of his sexual preference, i'll put it in 'academy'..


sir. responding "all's magician to himself" when he was offered the role as richard harris, who plays harry potter's professor albus dumbledore


“i first admitted that i was gay when i was 16, not having the kind of interest in girls my friends have. it became my secret and there was nothing i could do about it; because as far as i know, i was the only homosexual.” “when i was growing up in england in the 1950s, there weren't any gay bars i knew. there was no such thing as a bar. homosexuals were publicly shamed and imprisoned. you were on your own, always on the alert, counting on a handshake from a stranger who might be gay.” http://kaosgl.org/page.php?id=12843


robìn williams played a gay man in bird cage while he was getting applause for his death, this man was not applauded or congratulated for playing a young man in all his movies..no, if you are not acting, why would i ask you why this guy won't you drown in the odule? (bkz: lets kick racism out of football)