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I take it

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the event that i did today by removing 2 of them. contrary to what was written, the one taken from my neck hurt badly, i even compared myself to a soldier who took a bullet without anesthesia on the battlefield. the funny thing is that when i asked if it was normal for it to hurt so much, i couldn't tell the doctor, who proved it's worth it by saying "why does it still hurt", because of the donkey's zikr, i couldn't tell.


if the meat is me: local anesthesia is applied, after a few minutes the doctor cuts me and burns the remaining part with cauterization method. whatever that local anesthetic drug is, you don't feel anything while all this is happening. the process finishes in 5 minutes. no sewing. there is no harm in going out in the sun afterwards and contacting the area with water. if it is a flat mole that is not deep: after anesthesia, the mole is shaved. no seams. if it is a deep and flat mole: after local anesthesia, the area is shaved and stitched.


the pleasure of saying "you took me away from me, tohtor" to the doctor after the operation must be unbearable.


it's an act of courage. i think it was one of the best decisions i've made, as someone who has not been able to decide on almost anything for himself throughout his life and leaves the decision of what suits him to others to others. they were all over my face. especially one of them was the kind that would destroy self-confidence. i feel beautiful. edited by husband: her husband liked it very much but still supported her to make her happy.


the operation of surgically removing the mole or moles that are found to be medically undesirable, usually with the concern of cancer. caring about the "me" inside us makes us "it" against us.


if we look at it from the patient's side, except for the medical procedure, my mother postponed this procedure for months because she was afraid, and when she came out she said "it didn't hurt, i was scared for nothing". i looked today and i couldn't even find where the permission is, so i will say that there is no need to worry, it's a simple process. even my mother had it done, that's all.