i'm dying

i'm dying

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"can you play the gay part?" if i had been asked, if he had said "no", maybe i wouldn't have thought you were homophobic, but "is there a role you would never play?" when you say "i don't play gay" to the question, things change. he really tried to get the homophobic stamp.


as can be seen from his interview here, he is experiencing a repulsive burst of self-confidence.


(bkz: sad muscle)


the strange person who made a deal with the casting agency and made himself scream. he passed through the airport accompanied by the police, i don't know what it was. too fake, too repulsive.


in the shared video, more feto seems to be taken into custody


rock hudson played a hetero who plays gay to pick up girls in a movie. thus, it went down in the history of cinema as a gay person who plays hetero. i think can yaman can also revive the life of rock hudson. thus, it can create an gayception in the form of a gay person pretending to be straight. the audience disappears between the levels after a while, not questioning whether he is actually gay.


he is my friend from primary school. she always wore a body that showed her shoulders in gym class. their loose talk comes from those times. i will never forget, he got very high on an exam. however, because his classes were poor, the teacher did not believe it and said: "prove that you can get this grade". he replied, "let's go to the principal's office, i'll get proof." we later learned that the manager was a family friend. years really change a person.


mr. mrs. lady with a bulging ego is an ordinary teenager.