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the medicine given by the doctors for the stain on the knee of my babies. those spots are eczema. he said use it for 3-4 days. 3rd day passed eczema.


the drug that our paths crossed today due to seborrheic dermatitis that appeared on the corners of my nose. after applying it, it reduced the burning sensation a bit, but at first it burned a lot, i have crazy questions in my mind, i wonder if this is normal. i hope it's normal. an edit will come here to see if it works. edit: it didn't work.


the cream that the dermatologist i went to gave me for the redness and dryness around my eyes, but * on the package leaflet it says avoid applying it around the eyes.


it is an ointment containing 0.5% hydrocortisoneacetate, used in the treatment of atopic dermatitis, especially in infants.


when allergy drugs are not enough and allergic redness and swelling in various parts of my body do not go away, i think it is an effective and fast drug that enters the fields when i can't get an injection. i always have it with me.


get this here


it is a kind of local steroid that can be used in many dermatological diseases such as alopecia areata.


(see: #30969812) the cream given to me for eyelid eczema, but with the statement "avoid contact with the eyes" on the leaflet. based on the above entry, we can also define the leaflet as the cream that doctors do not shake.