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the animal that won the hatred of those who watched the lion king.


the cheerful animal that walks around with a constant smile on its face, even though they have sex almost once a year. one should look a bit like this, i think.


all this time, well done to the mouth of the lions, shitted animal. i'm waiting for the lion to hit one paw on it, no. what a dishonest, rude animal it is, my eyes and my heart are bleeding. the issue is of course simple, it takes two bites of the food and kidnaps the lion, then eats the big animal himself. dear lion, you leave your food - let them eat it, the ecological balance is a blast- thank you, then you run away, at least hit two things while running away, it will leave a mark on your face, you are a lousy man, i'm waiting, look, it will disappear.


these are the worst sons of bitches in the animal kingdom. short and clear.


their jaws exerted a force of 14,000 newtons. if we translate it into kilograms, it's about 1.5 tons. the strongest jaw force after the crocodile. nat said on geo wild "their hearts are huge, 4/1 of their body weight" but a 60kg animal has a 15kg heart, no dear. i searched but couldn't find much about hyena heart. the male hyena's penises are also around 18 cm, so they are huge. it showed on tv, the guy was stumbling around, unfortunately it's true.