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the person who did not mention drug smuggling in his own statements, only described him as a businessman, and described all the accusations made against him as conspiracy theory. if i had 30 billion dollars, i would call myself a businessman. he's doing his job, after all. drug smuggling is also a business. even self-employment. of course.


recently, the paintings he made in the diyarbakir caravanserai hotel were exhibited and sold by this person. i went to the hotel by chance one evening, and i passed by them.


john dalton of the brothers sir, protected by the "british deep state". famous man of the-kurdish mafia, drug smuggler. his actions are tolerated because of his aid to british intelligence. he launders the money he earns from drug smuggling through investments in construction, investment consultancy, textile, hotel management, galleries, furniture, restaurant management and beauty salon management. another one in this field: (see: nurettin trust)


(see: hüsrev ağa) (see: my destiny 1)


the deputies with whom he was once in a relationship and those who gave the names of the relatives and children of the the parliamentarians who were tried for drug smuggling in england to the leading columnists about the names of their relatives and children, in which court they will attend, the details of the deputies of the period they were in contact with in the country, "for some reason," no one is interested in the famous "kurd". thinker".


he is a drug smuggler who told a larger caliber of what sedat peker told today. you can watch it with small searches on video site. (bkz: mehmet agar)


he is one of the most important people in the world in his field. his name was heard for the first time with the operation of the kismetim-1 ship in the mediterranean by the the navy, which cooperated with the american narcotic agents. when they realized that the ship was going to be captured, they buried 3.5 tons of heroin and 6 tons of base morphine into the water. when he was caught in the netherlands in 1998, he was replaced by his brother, abdullah baybasin *, who was in a wheelchair. for his other two brothers: (see: sirin baybasin) (see: mesut baybasin) (see: statements about yunus agar and baybasin tribe)


bayba$in, who was born in 1956, was burned with 11 kg of heroin in istanbul in 1976, and was sentenced to 12 years in prison after being caught with 6 kg of heroin in england in 84. he is the head of his family who is involved in terrorist organizations, especially his relations with the pkk, and a gang for drug smuggling.