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as his friend above said, he worked for fulya and brought the case to the club. the current management did not adopt the case that resulted in favor of the club and objected to it. appealed to rectify the decision of the supreme court. hüsser bey stated that the club had lost between 200-300 million dollars. while there were those who billed the club in the current administration, this man did not bill the club for 1 lira just because he filed a lawsuit. will you choose this man or those who fill your pockets?


if he enters with a strong list, my vote will be his in my next presidential elections. we would like to see names such as mesut urgancilar, ibrahim altinsay, adnan dalkiran, berk haciguzeller in his list.


he covered the costs of the case from his own pocket, did not receive a single support from the administration, but did not give up. fulya did not give up her struggle. he won the fulya case he opened. what the unscrupulous and malicious people stole from beşiktaş, he brought to beşiktaş by taking away, and he is making them earn. good luck!


toşak, ballet, zlatan, quaresma, wow, look at the vision, he was going to make toşak the administrative manager and he would bring the ballet, and zlatan would wear a suit and transfer to beşiktaş, believing that, even photosynthesis cannot be done. the reason why people like fikret forest can't see their mistakes is because of the cynical opposition like these. let him stay away from beşiktaş, not even pass through the door.


this man has been dealing with a case for 10 years. brought to the club. i have nothing else to say. there are 3 candidates. one of them is the islander who works with demirören, who donates the property of beşiktaş, and the other is the Çebi who is in the management of fikret orman, who objects to the case won. the decision is yours...


"i will unite with ahmet nur cebi, i will unite with fikret orman. handsome, tall and muscular man." said beşiktaş presidential candidate. when i read this statement, i said "come on, who made this up". but then i watched the video. that's exactly what he says. may the gods protect the community from the shameful pots that a president who understands the word "unification" will break later..


am sure that he will not give the managers millions of euros, that he will not make a contract to mustafa pektemek for 1.75 million euros, that he will not bill the club, that he will not steal. that's reason enough to bail the club out of the quagmire.


seeing this man, whom i had no idea before, as the head of beşiktaş after seeing the tweets containing fettullah laughing embellishments in 2013, is like tuberculosis. i hope no congressman has gone insane enough to vote for this man to be president. 12 note: he once made a statement for his "hoca efendi" address, claiming that he was being ironic and that he was a kemalist. if you eat but i didn't.