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he is a fictional character that i laugh at those who look at his last name and do not understand that he is a troll. if he wants to open an alternative account, my suggestion is: noam adolfi


a perceptive troll who shamelessly cringes at hrant dink's name and picture. the bottom line is to cringe at the power you're going to do, to bring water to the mill of political islam, to create a perception... an account with a picture of a hungry sultan, a july 15th, with a chief flag, go help? for what reason do you use hrant dink, who was shot in the back in the middle of the street, for daily, instantaneous interests and small calculations? (see #76774917)


esayan prototype of your brand that made the conservative neighborhood pass it off as an armenian.


what kind of surname is enveryan, is this offensive humor? a straight-up, ordinary akboy whom the big big men believe is an academic armenian. i understand using an anonymous account, but that's a whole other mind really.


think he's a fictional character. the so-called armenian akp pencil sharpener, not affiliated with real persons or institutions.