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sierra's game set consisting of 14 board games... http://www.hoylegames.com/


while playing backgammon seriously, the alien character named roswell on the opposite side showed a banner with the words "we have elvis", and the program that fluffed the monitor..


first of all, greetings to those beautiful people who got up early on the weekend and played this game in the cold on quiet saturday-sunday mornings. thanks to you, i remembered the game of fi time. i only remember a snake-ladder-style game, but i didn't know if it was true. to define the game that made me love to play chess.


the computer game we played wildly in the nineties. we used to play especially ludo multiplayer. what a day teey tey! i salute bart, elayne, ethel, robin and others from here for years of friendship.


silsile consisting of games such as admiral sunk, backgammon, chess, go as far as i remember


the game i play the most right now. the aunt who knits and the alien who is playing backgammon here makes us laugh a lot, gamers...


hey go bee. game show that includes backgammon my father plays at work. on the other hand, i go once in a thousand, what the heck, this looks like a lot of fun, but it corresponds to the periods when i look at it and give an error. i'll download and play it, i'm stuck


all games that adapt to every law, every mode.