hot water bag

hot water bag

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the greatest invention in the history of mankind after the dishwasher, herniated disc, myalgia, pms pain, cold... whatever comes to mind, super well, every home needs it


it is such a blessing that when you want to ventilate the house in freezing weather, when you open the window, you put it under your feet, inside your fleece. even if the house is airy all day, you do not feel cold at all. i don't think there is a tool that is so simple but makes life so beautiful.


why isn't there a bagel-shaped one? you are nobody anymore, just do it like that :(


the thing that always makes you feel happy, safe, peaceful and sleepy... almost an artificial cat! bag is such a stupid word, by the way?


it is a plastic warm bag with an important stopper, which should be filled one third of the time, not with boiling water until it is completely filled, but with water that has been boiled and waited for a while, preventing air bubbles. setting a cover on it is enough to get rid of both the burns and the smell and taste that it gives away after touching it here and there. if you pay attention to all these, use it with pleasure.


(see menstrual pain)


man of my cold nights, though i pick him up from the ground in the morning, but i'm glad there is my dear darling.


marilyn monroe was wrong. diamonds aren't a girl's best friend; hot water bag.