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he is the creator of ours, which has influenced a large generation. but he is also the screenwriter of the first hababam class. it would not be a lie if we say that he has as much work as rıfat ilgaz. "flying mammal.... stewardess" rest in peace.


although his most well-known scenarios are the king of the janitors and ours, his legendary work is the poor. a movie like this will probably never come to the cinema again. to write this script, you have to have spent your life in one of the inns in sirkeci in the 80s. i don't understand how he knows so much detail. such successful sociologist screenwriters, who took pictures of the society without hoping for help from the drama, got on those beautiful horses and left. square azra kohen, rose pruners left.


considering that every screenplay he wrote is a legend, the ones he will write are not mehmet akan from 2006, but he is a person who can be hopeful even if he is looking for the past.


unfortunately he passed away. the king of the doormen, the poor and like ours, had his signature under the masterpieces that i watched over the years even after years. rest in peace.


according to the first news received, unfortunately, he died of a heart attack and drowned in the sea on kinaliada.


the screenwriter, who reflects and criticizes the the people and the country on the screen by using a single venue, used the courthouse as a venue in the tv series, saygılar biz, for example, criticized both the the people and the judicial system, and in the tv series summer houses, he criticized the massacres of nature by town municipalities and his colleagues who made tv series for ratings.


together with yavuz turgul, he is one of the best screenwriters of the country. for example, the scenario of the first hababam class belongs to him. he also worked as a newspaper writer for a long time.


as a sociologist and screenwriter, umur bugay is a great blessing for the cinema. when you look at the works such as the king of janitors, the king of garbage collectors, your brother-in-law, ours, the plaintiff, which he created with the eyes of a sociologist, it is better understood what a chance he is.