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the song where tyga sings the link "baby..hookah..extend the hookah!..", like a brain disabled person. also, there are girls in bikinis, tiger, elephant, monkey, and camel in the music video, making jerks at the edge of the pond. (see camel)


in the hookah cafes we know in adana, when the name was hookah, the prices were like 15 liras. it has become fashionable these days to change the name to hookah and lower the prices to 40 liras. this is the new coyote method.


enliven your day with tyga, who sings an unpopular type of fun song as if she's got something in her throat and is dying. hookah


the word meaning hookah, which entered english with this form from the arabic word huqqah. in english, there is also a word called water pipe, which means hookah. also, in some sources, this word is also referred to as hooka, but this is the truth; hookah.


it is very popular in ukraine. smoking is allowed in almost non-smoking places. i don't know if there is tobacco in it or what, but it is a hookah you know in shape. when i saw that it was smoked in very absurd places, i thought it was an object that young people made famous for a period. because there is rock in the bar, in the coffee shop, in the restaurant.


a successful tyga song as a beat. young thug's siksonic style also added something different to the song. a comment below the song on video site; ''still waiting for the english version''


the name given to hookahs by the infidels. what they call a water pipe is an open-ended glass that stretches much longer and the same width as a log. for what the junkies do with bottles in our country, the nation has built an apparatus called a water pipe. hookah is the hookah we know. you can find it in many places hookah, i found it in venice beach*, it had tobacco and stuff *.