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athlete suffering from chronic problem talent/intelligence disproportion in his generation. i can't say player unfortunately.


he used to have great potential but could not explode, that land is yours, this land is mine, he is the son of a basketball player, like the red haired mutafa kemal bitim himself. he is currently wearing the efes jersey, his statistics are very good in infrastructure, although he was born in 99, he became one of the top scorers among players born in 98. i hope he does not betray his potential like his father and makes the necessary exit as soon as possible. otherwise, the end is known, like his father, he hangs out in the market like evliya Çelebi.


the child plays like a poem. for the 360 degree dunk at the u17 world championship: https://www.facebook.com/…/videos/1401581169868490/ height 193cm.


he took part in the 2015 jordan brand classic international game with his number 8 jersey. although it took only 15 minutes, he became the top scorer and the second player with the most rebounds in the winning white team, so he drew attention. he has an energetic, show-oriented game, but he loses a lot of balls and doesn't seem to have a muscular build like his father. his three-pointers look pretty good and he played number two in the game. if we look at its genetic background, it seems to grow even longer. video site/…tch?v=kylhf_wqsa4 and t=12m20s


the resemblance to the legendary anime character hanamichi sakuragi is surprising. his career should not be similar.


after his high school education in the usa, he signed with anadolu efes. what about ncaa or something?


if you get along with horizon sarıca, if he joins the karsiyaka basketball team, maybe he will show himself as alpay Öztaş did in his time.