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it is a kind of grinding process applied to the inside of the holes in the manufacturing industry. it is used to increase the surface quality of the inside of the holes by abrasion method, just like in grinding. it is carried out by means of very hard honing stones such as cbn, diamond, ceramic. both smoothness and dimensional accuracy are provided.


it is a kind of semi-polishing process applied to marble and travertine slabs, and the materials to be used on wet floors are prevented from being excessively slippery by leaving them only honed without polishing.


it is the first process applied to remove the rough structure on the surfaces of natural stones such as marble and travertine after the raw cutting process. in the machine used to perform this process, there are stones called abrasive and the degrees of abrasion are indicated by numbers. abrasive stones perform surface smoothing with circular movements. stones with different degrees of abrasion can also be used for different processes in the same machine. (see patinato)


smoothing the cylinder surface during ring replacement in automobiles (see ring throwing). with a special tool. diesel is used as liquid. the honing machine is as follows; http://www.suleymangormus.com/…kafa_seti_hn_218.jpg


honing, which is a kind of surface treatment, is done to improve the quality of turned (rectified) cylinder surfaces. honing, which is one of the most important factors affecting engine efficiency, gives the surface geometric accuracy, provides a smooth surface, and increases the degree of lubrication with the help of micro channels. there is no standard method for measuring the surface quality (roughness value) in honing. each engine manufacturer determines their own methods.