holy alliance wars

holy alliance wars

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it is a series of wars in which the ottoman empire literally fought all of europe and was severely defeated as a result. europeans call this war 'great the war'. europe, united by the gas given by the second siege of vienna, which resulted in a complete fiasco, won their greatest victories against the turks almost centuries later. after that, the period of withdrawal of the turks began until the big attack.


the beginning of the empire total war game* is the period when this war ends. with an ottoman whose mother was painted in navy blue, you cannot straighten your back for many years, even in the game. there is also this; this war(s), balkan war, ankara war, kavalalı rebellion, bab-ı ali and many other defeats and rebellions are not taught in schools. as if history were all about victories. only lebanese is told, we wouldn't know about it if the cyprus victory was not there.


the series of wars that the europeans call the great the war. in fact, the issue was the interests in eastern europe rather than the turks. a side from ottoman, erdel, hungary, wallachia, strangler in general, changing in various battles; holy rome, poland, russia, pope, venice were one side. as it is seen, religion ate each other not for the sake of the nation, but for the sake of land and profit. as a result of the karlofca treaty, very large lands changed hands.