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film whose rights were sold for an american remake before it even premiered. now, the rights of the films are sold before they are shown for the first time and before the books are inked. --- spoiler --- jaime lannister again appeared in the role of a son of a bitch. --- spoilers ---


perhaps the movie with the best "trying not to blink" scene in the history of cinema. that 30 second sequence felt like an hour to me, i was so nervous.


it's the best movie i've seen recently, its subject is different and striking. acting is not artificial. note: these scandinavian countries have a curiosity to show a dick in their movies for some reason, they always put a dick in our eyes in every movie.


--- spoiler --- --- spoiler --- movie that uses the idiom "shit" both figuratively and literally --- spoiler --- --- spoiler ---


have you watched almost all the good movies that came out recently and can't find a movie to watch? are you looking for an unheard of movie, waiting to be discovered, worth every minute you watch? if your answers are yes, this movie is that movie. watch it, you won't regret it. --- spoiler --- --- spoiler --- i was wondering, the lead actor's height is 173 according to imdb. --- spoiler --- --- spoiler ---


--- spoiler --- i understood everything, but i couldn't quite figure out that peanut package thing. why did the guy leave his dna in the first place anyway? hand edit hand answer; our friend zerdust50 said, "since it's being traced to the substance in his hair, our jaime bastard took him to the place of the accident.


2011 norwegian suspense action mixed film. there are good movies coming out of these scandinavian countries lately. it's a very good movie that you won't regret watching. --- spoiler --- you will be afraid of the one whose ass is close to the ground once again proved to us. --- spoilers ---


woe to your father's bone!.. movie. --- spoiler --- i expected his wife to be a bitch until the end, but she was an honest woman. i appreciate. --- spoiler --- if hollywood doesn't discover this movie in 3-5 years and doesn't remake it, i don't know about it either.