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the lottery won by officers in brown suits, whose first choice is medicine and second choice is theology.


it is the fixtures department of the faculty of arts and sciences, which leads the departments that do not have job opportunities. although his reading is shrewd, after graduation, it is almost impossible to find a job. do not read this section for a good future for him, do not even pass by this section, your last regret no use.


to the reader: take a look at this video site page, i think i will say. all content is good, but english article translation videos are useful. you can start with the article of inalcik teacher, it is simpler. edit: deal with english while you are in undergraduate, believe me, this will be one of the biggest favors you will do for yourself.


ts partition without assignment


until they make me happy in my life, they are science. i was born with history, i exist with history. i'm dying to live every moment of history and go there. but i did not read history because of those who say that whoever finishes history will be unemployed. i can't do a master's degree due to the difference in departments. so let history be done by lovers.


the section full of people who look around with empty eyes, their lower lip drooping from the weight of their tongue.


this is the risky part. you have to know ottoman the, the absolute first condition of history departments in the country; but more is more important. if you know at least two living languages perfectly, you have a weapon against the torpedoed and mediocre types. otherwise, you should not enter at all. reading will be a part of your life. you need to read a lot. i graduated as a second university and got my diploma last july. i know english and french, although i do not find it right to read formal history.