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although everything he said throughout the series is true, he is the venerable gentleman who showed up at bihter's funeral. if the godfather adnan had listened to this man in the first place, none of this would have happened to him. well, after the 50th, azan adnan is worthy, after all. my hilmic was always in vain. ah could not be valued.


by attending the funeral, he showed everyone that loyalty is not just a district. he is essentially a good person. ah, if it weren't for the competitive environment created by business life.


a man behind his back has not been called right gentlemen. it's a shame.


aşk-ı memnu character, whom everyone will find out who he is one day. (bkz: let them see who hilmi onal is)


he is the character of love-i contented by saying "don't sit like a baby" to his granddaughter, who is a baby.


it was mentioned once in the series, but there was also a subtle illumination about its past. hilmi Önal was a young man whose condition was not very good, and he and aynur loved each other. however, aynur's family did not want this because, as hilmi Önal put it, she was "poor". hilmi also became rich by making greed and compromising his personality in various ways, i think. ms. aynur probably crushed it with her money in the first years of marriage, unwillingly... there are such things in hilmi Önal's character.


how breaking bad's spin offu better call saul came, i think a series called "hilmi Önal has done it again" should be shot as aşk_ı memnu spin off, reyiz's way of reaching nirvana, his first meeting with firdevs lady, their fight, bihter's childhood etc. must be drawn.


while the new episodes of the series were broadcast, i watched it with the excitement of the youth, with shouts such as "you are so cute behlööll" "blue behlööööaall", now i realized because the most charismatic of this series is hilmi Önal. his speech, manners and so on are perfect. i apologize for the disrespect i did to him at the time, and i offer my respects. ccc hilmireyiz ccc