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an event that allows you to find and destroy pop-up generator clay programs that you do not know where they came from and that do not appear in the startup or registry run menu. it's in the back-up, it's perfect.


all running internet explorer and explorer windows must be closed before use. *.dll files with r0, r1 code should be deleted, after restarting, they should be run again and final checks should be made. spywareguard should be used to prevent spyware from entering again.


program that can be downloaded from http://www.tomcoyote.org/hjt.. the purpose is to find and clean spyware.. it scans a lot of places and produces a report.. then, according to this report (if you understand), select the spyware among the many programs it finds. you delete it from the computer... if you don't know, you post the report to one of the forums (there is a link on the same page) and someone who knows will tell you what you need to delete... seems like a useful event...


as a result of the scan, only "you better throw this computer out the window, haha!" it remains to be said. that's why i say don't delete every thing you detect without knowing it!


official site: http://www.hijackthis.de/ which exe should be deleted and which should not: http://www.exelib.com/hijack


the hjackthis program is used if there are still problems with your system after cleaning by using "spybot", "spybot - search and destroy", or another "spyware/hijacker remover" program. however, since hijackthis is an advanced program, it requires advanced computer and windows knowledge. if you accidentally delete one of the keys specified by this program, you may crash the system or cause other problems. for more detailed information: (see: http://www.timuroglu.com/dosya/hijack_this.htm)


it is an extremely paranoid program that advises you to delete the additions made by programs such as video site jacker and breech that interfere with the hosts file of windows as a moth pest. but is it bad? never. it is essential to have it on every computer.


(see: http://www.help2go.com/component/detective/) those who do not know how to use the program or i will delete it, but i cannot delete it, those who are afraid can get help. the site evaluates your log file online and offers suggestions.

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