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high school mirage

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a disgraceful video where you wonder about the fate of the poor girl who fell into a trap and made you do a judgment of conscience with the heartlessness of those who shot and played the video, even though it might sound like a comedy at first because of her lines while watching it...


this is the video that i had to do my own reckoning after watching, and i was convinced once again that high school kids know no bounds in inhumanity. i would like to prevent their dissipation, to kill those fathers too..but i guess what happened to poor serap and he was murdered by his brother. the saddest part of the job is that small-brained, useless people find it funny. stupidity dominates the vocabulary.


urban legends still circulate about it. as far as i know, there is still no definite information about the fate of anyone. - his brother shot mirage. - his brother shot the boy in the video. - the boy and his friends shot mirage. - then they all shot the butler.


who proved the indifference of my people. if a society can watch such a shameful video with a laugh instead of reacting to those who shoot and distribute it, everything is worthy of that society.


there is not even a word to say to those who think that the girl should not go home, it constitutes a crime, even in the most primitive legal systems, going home does not constitute a crime. it will be beneficial for those who have a smile on their face while watching that video, to remain impotent (in all senses, in society and in their sexual lives) as soon as possible.


the person that the crores, who show their approach to the raped people -if you didn't wear mini-skirts, my brother- with attitudes like -oh it's okay, it's been a while-. human. has caused people to pay enough price for choosing the wrong person, but not to find it enough, for the postmodern, contemporary-looking brethren to congratulate yusuf and not accept the fact that the human feelings come out and turn into pity due to the situation of the girl, and analyze and gossip with absurd entry comments.